Way back when I used to blog. A lot.

I blogged our journey to become a family of 3, 4, and then 5 and all the antics in between. It was fun. I enjoyed sharing our little life in my corner of cyber land.

Then I became a mom of three, and I started my own business… and time… well, it was full. Couple that with the fact I was internally wrestling with the fact that all our kids were home, and we were in this new season of togetherness… not waiting. And the kids were growing and well growing kids don’t always love their mom rambling all about them on the interweb. So I just kinda put the blog on the shelf…

Welp, it’s time to dust it off {and move it over here} and give it a face lift and get back in the saddle. I miss writing. I miss documenting our adventures and antics. I have my old blog turned into books and I just love them.

So here we are: Shades of Browns.

{That S on Brown is reallllly important when finding my place of cyberland. Trust me on that one.}

Kicking the dust off the ole blog today on October 30th which is a pretty monumental day in our house.

Back 7 years ago, a phone call on October 30th made me a momma. We had been waiting and waiting after requesting his file and today made it official. We were parents. We had a son. Golly, look at that baby. Melt.


And then just one year ago, we were handed these keys. Keys to our sweet #famfivefarmhouse and we began the reno on our little piece of paradise. We love this house, a lot.


Let’s do this, again!