The Story of our #famfivefarmhouse

In the spring of 2014, we bought 10 acres and dreamed of building our “dream house”. We designed custom home plans with a home designer and recruited a builder. We sold our house and moved into a rental in preparation of building.

After some back and forth with the builder and the bank, we put these plans on hold and decided to just sit on the land for a bit before deciding what to do. Let’s just say I have really expensive taste.

In true Mary Leigh fashion I got tried of the rental and started looking at houses out there just to see what was available… we even went and looked at several including a Brady Bunch house that I loved, Nick not so much.

One weekend, we took a back way from our rental to the interstate and drove by a white farmhouse. Nick asked me if I liked this (not for sale) house… to which I replied, “I LOVE that house! That’s my dream house!”

Fast forward a few weeks and I was looking online at houses. I was looking near our rental and the map pulled up a house just one street over… I clicked on it, wondering what it was….. and there it was… that very farmhouse!


I YELLED at Nick and immediately scheduled us a showing with our realtor.

The next day we walked through the 110 year old door, and standing in the entry, I fell in love and exclaimed “I want this house.”

And the rest, as they say…. is history.


The History of the Hoover House

The Before and Afters