I’m a wanna be hippie at heart.

I love natural things… and I’m lazy. So there’s no grinding my own wheat to make bread happening over here, but I’m big big BIG into essential oils.

I mean it’s hippie, and it’s easy {open bottle and use} and they have made such an incredible impact on our family, especially my kids.

I’ve been given the opportunity to visit Young Living’s farms in Utah and Idaho. I’ve run a 5k through the Lavender Fields {ok, that’s a lie… but I did register so I could get the shirt}


I’ve planted seeds, I’ve weeded {by hand} the rows of plants, I’ve watched the oils being distilled, and I’ve experience #seedtoseal. It’s the legit deal, yo.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing all about these crazy oils on my page, but feel free to hit me up with a comment if you have a question!