The entry is what sold me on this house.

We literally walked in and I might have gasped and said “I want this house”

This is what I was met with when we opened that 110 year old door with a skeleton key.


Yes, swoon. That is original tongue and groove bead board.

There wasn’t a ton to do in this magical space. So when we began work, it was sorta the dumping ground.

We had the stair treads sanded and refinished, some of them were a little rough. Now all pretty and shiny.


I felt like the stairs just felt really dark, so I taped and painted the fronts white (and then added step numbers later)

Since we use the front door as the main entrance to our house, this entry had a large job to pull off and still look presentable.

(Sidenote: I LOVE using the front door as the way into our house. I’ve always been a side door, garage door entry… so this is a fun change!)

We hung some decor and changed out the light fixture. Added some lockers and a few pieces of furniture and you have the entry as it is today.

So comon’ in…. (yes that is the original door and I LOVE it!)




There are a few loose ends to still do in the entry:

  • recover top of my hope chest with a more neutral fabric
  • change out light fixture on stair case
  • finish laying shoe molding on stairs (another almost done project)
  • get prints of original hand drawn house plans from Mr. Jimmy and hang in place of the Forever Young print
  • put lockers on casters

and eventually this whole area needs to be repainted white, but that is gonna be a BIG job since it will have to be brush painted…. one row at a time